What our Customers are saying:

The precise attention to detail, which Bogdan showed, while repairing our family heirlooms was greatly appreciated. He treated our French Antique Clock with care, and worked tirelessly until the clock now functions like it did when it was first produced in the 1850s. He is truly a unique craftsman. Thank you! Angela Pearl

My wife and I have collected antique clocks for years. We admire their beauty, and their endurance. We firmly believe that we are custodians of these precious clocks, and we are so glad that Bogdan is there to help us preserve these works of art for future generations. Peter Thomas

Bogdan is a friendly and knowledgeable person. Honest person and amazing personality. I highly recommend his service. photographybygeorge1

Bogdan recently fixed my mother’s watch that wasn’t running right and it runs good as new now if not better. I​ also purchased a pocket watch from Bogdan prior to that and it’s​ functioning perfectly several years on. His warranty is unbeatable and it speaks to his level of customer service, craftsmanship and confidence in his work. Bogdan was very informative, friendly and patient with all of my inquiries. Also, I enjoy the old world charm and character his workplace exudes and took note that everyone who walked through his door was greeted with a friendly hello and smile. I refer everyone I know to Bogdan now, thanks Bogdan! Jason A.

Bogdan was able to help me fix the chimes on my antique mantel clock by walking me through the procedure over the phone. I thought that was very kind and generous of him to do that without any charge. I would highly recommend him for that reason, you don’t often find people that will do such a thing. Thank you Bogdan! Herman Gasko

I collect antique clocks and watches and have been taking them to Bogdan for repair, for 18 years. In all that time he has never let me down and I would NEVER consider taking them anywhere else. Bogdan has repaired clocks and watches his entire life and is a professional “old world” craftsman who cares deeply about his trade, the pieces he works on and the people he services. I know of no one who is more knowledgeable, talented and dedicated to his craft and would trust him implicitly with any timepiece no matter how old, delicate or valuable.There have been countless times when, for me, Bogdan has gone well beyond the call of duty and I see from the reviews here, that others have had similar experiences. Here is just one of many great experiences I’ve had dealing with Bogdan.

I once brought Bogdan a Westminster chime 8-day wall clock to be repaired. After about a year, I brought it back because something wasn’t quite right. He of course guaranties his work and repaired it for free. However, what I didn’t expect was WHAT he did to fix it and how much care and additional time he took. After discovering that one of the three main springs was failing, which is not what was originally wrong with the clock, not only did he agree to replace the failing mainspring, he insisted on replacing all three main springs! He ordered 12 replacements from the U.S. but when they arrived, they were not suitable. He explained that they “look” right but would eventually damage the clock if installed. After a second shipment needed to be sent back, Bogdan finally called a friend living in Poland and asked his friend to purchase the correct main springs locally and ship them to him. It’s been nearly 15 years and the clock still runs perfectly!
If you need any new or antique timepiece cleaned, repaired or overhauled I would highly recommend that you take it to Bogdan. As for having to wait a little longer to get it back, it is WELL worth the wait. In fact, having to wait longer is a testament to his skill and craftsmanship. If you got it back too fast from someone else, it’s likely because they either had nothing else to repair, or didn’t take the care and time to do the required work properly. Geoff Acheson